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John Moore’s Architecture Department is located on the ground floor of the LJMU Arts and Design Academy. The studio space itself is divided down the middle and is well lit with natural light with views at the end down into the basement workshop that seems to have an array of machinery and tools.

Overall the studio itself is everything you would want in an architecture studio; a light, flexible space with plenty of room. It was the way it was being used that I had issues with. I visited on a Friday at around 4.30 pm and it was empty but for a handful of (maximum 10) students. I visited at the start of May, right when deadlines at British architecture schools are fast approaching and here is an empty studio! I have no idea what was going on, maybe they were all on a field trip, but it seemed as if this school has a bad studio culture.

A few specifics I noticed were that alot of the walls had large displays of what looked like previous years work up on display. I am all for a bit of inspiration, but to keep them up for what I assume has been a year is being a little too precious and retrospective. I also noticed an absence of lockers for keeping equipment/supplies/later night chocolate in. Anouther key element that appeared to be missing were that there were no computers, perhaps they were in a suite elsewhere, either way you need computers in a studio. The drawings you produce on screen are just as important as those you produce by hand and to separate a studio in such a way will stop ideas from developing organically and concurrently to those realised by hand. 

Obviously I am judging purely on what I saw, so if any of you are from John Moore’s please correct me if I am wrong!  If I am correct then this is a studio that needs some sort of student group to lobby their department to up their game to make the space more workable. 

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