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Mental Health in Architecture School: Can the Culture Change?


Just got Sim City 4. No work will be done this week. 


A selection of models from the architecture rooms of the V&A Museum in London. Not one is laser cut! 

hey is your portfolio landscape or did you print landscape on bigger format and folded it into portrait? asked by c-aniser

Landscape :) I just didn’t crop the edges on the images quite enough before uploading - hence the line! 

Hey! I'm a year 12 student in Aus. Just wondering if you have any tips for me so that I can present my folio at the end of the year in a way that id be almost guaranteed a spot in one of my local unis. I've wanted to be an architect since i was about 7 (almost 11 years now :3). Maybe if you could tell me what the course you did was like as well so i know what to expect? Would be a HUUUUGE favour!!! Cheers asked by youth-culture-foreverrr

Heyy, as important as presentation is, it is insignificant in comparison to the quality of the work. Just make sure to include a varied selection of work that shows off the full range of skills you have. No way to guarantee a place though!

My undergrad course was fairly artistic so good drawing and model making skills were essential. Although first year is pretty chilled so don’t worry about it too much :) 

Hey! am a year 2 architecture student in the UK and am feeling that the work i produce doesn't get the recognition that it deserves.. Do you have and tips/ideas how i can somehow improve my image or something like that? Cheers! asked by antwnhskyprianou

Ask a few of your friends to watch your crits to see where you are going wrong. It could be something as simple as talking too fast and the tutors  not fully understanding your project.

Also, try and be consistent in the presentation of your work. Use Indesign to make sure all images are correctly spaced and titles are consistently placed to make your work appear more professional.

I hope this helps! Feel free to link me to some of your work and I can have a quick look at it :)  

At the V&A Museum #sculpture #architecturestudent

At the V&A Museum #sculpture #architecturestudent

Climbing the mound at #robinhoodgardens  🏢🌳🏢 #architecture

Climbing the mound at #robinhoodgardens 🏢🌳🏢 #architecture

The #view from our accommodation! 🌃 #london #skyline #capitalism

The #view from our accommodation! 🌃 #london #skyline #capitalism

Day at the Barbican, London

At the Barbican for training #architecturestudent

At the Barbican for training #architecturestudent

Going to London! 🚄 #hatetrains

Going to London! 🚄 #hatetrains

London II

shishigamishead replied to your post: London

are you volunteering at the Biennale? which country do you represent? i applied but i didnt get in! haha :P

The British Council offered students from selected UK universities to take part in their fellowships programme. Essentially it is a one month work/study scholarship where you work in the British Pavilion at the Biennale as well as conducting your own individual research :)


Packing for London! Training for the Venice Biennale starts at midday, and I’m hoping I’ll get some design work done on the train there. 

In the US, the process to be license is different: 5-6 years of schooling (5 for bachelors, 6 for masters); 3 years of interning (however you can start this as early as when you start your undergrad); and the exam can take maybe a year to complete with studying the different sections. In the end, I'm a bit envious! Although, I'm sure there are pros and cons within working in the UK as well. asked by archstudentmind

And for anyone in the US thinking of becoming an architect! ^ 

Thanks archstudentmind for the extra info! 

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